"Making the Right Connections"
A Conference on Conservation in the UK Overseas Territories, Crown Dependencies
and other small island communities
The Cayman Islands hosted an international environmental conference from 30th May to 5th June 2009, with a focus on UK Overseas Territories, Crown Dependencies and other small islands.

The conference provided a forum for government environmental bodies and NGOs to discuss key conservation issues, to highlight success stories, exchange ideas, and to forge partnerships, so that UK Overseas Territories, Crown Dependencies and other small island communities that share similar environmental problems benefit from learning about one another’s history and experience of planning and conservation initiatives.

The Proceedings form a large document containing text and many illustrations. Accordingly, we have divided the proceedings into several files as set out below. Although each can be read online (if Acrobat Reader is installed on your machine), they are designed to be saved on your machine and viewed and/or printed off-line as required. Files sizes range from 0.6Mb to 11.0Mb.

The Contents List is in the first section.

Full document Includes all the sections available separately below 11.0Mb
Section 00: Front cover, introduction, contents, summary and conclusions 0.7Mb
Section 01: Opening of conference and introduction to Cayman experience 1.2Mb
Section 02: Progress on Environment Charter implementation 1.0Mb
Section 03: Environmental Education 1.0Mb
Section 04: Climate change impacts and adaptation 0.8Mb
Section 05: Posters not linked to other topics 1.3Mb
Section 06: Spatial Planning, Protected Areas and International Standards assets or liabilities? 2.3Mb
Section 07: Raising our profile engaging policy makers and the public 1.1Mb
Section 08: Invasive species 1.2Mb
Section 09: Enhancing capacity how on earth are we going to cope with the workload? 1.1Mb
Section 10: Joined-up thinking institutional arrangements for environmental management 1.5Mb
Section 11: UK Ministers speech and Conference closing 0.6Mb
Section 12: Appendices of programme, list of posters, participants, feedback, and back cover 0.8Mb

Also available is the first report (183Kb), produced shortly after the conference. This includes speeches by UK and Cayman Islands Government Ministers, and summaries of main points from conference sessions – although this is now superseded by the Proceedings.

Organised by:

The UK Overseas Territories Conservation Forum in consultation with the Cayman Islands Department of the Environment and the National Trust for the Cayman Islands. It is supported by the Overseas Territories Environment Programme of the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office and Department for International Development.

The UKOTCF is a Registered Charity (1058483) - keen to develop partnerships with business or commercial organisations