One of the ways in which our organisation survives in these difficult times is through donations from individuals, averaging about £20 each.

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Our website is seen as an important source of information on biodiversity in the UKOTs and its conservation, and on some other aspects of their heritage. It has proved impossible in recent years to get grant-aid to fund this general but important work. Now is the time to ask you to help us continue to both manage this site and our project activities for conservation and environmental education. If everyone reading this now gave a small amount, our fundraising for the year would be done in a week.

We are a small non-profit organisation (staffed largely by unpaid volunteers) with very few costs - but costs, which need to be met. If our website is useful to you, please take one minute to keep us online and busy for another year. Help us to devote less time to fundraising and get back to more on-the-ground conservation.         Thank you.


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The Chinese retained the mystery of silk for 1000's of years! Genuinely it is an exclusive cloth and back again to the previous it was only for the higher society and kings. The magic formula was secured by imposing dire penalties. Any individual identified responsible of smuggling silkworm eggs, cocoons or even seeds of the mulberry tree was place to death.

My backyard is at the position right now that when planting season commences I never ever know what is going to come up. I just sit and scratch my head trying to determine what is germinating not due to the fact I didn't label what I planted but due to the fact vegetation just seem to be to occur up on their possess. A single of my gardens now has a mulberry tree in the center of and I didn't plant it. I allow it continue to be due to the fact it truly assists with shade. It is as tall as the home now.

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Asters, blazing star, chicory, and sunflowers leading the listing of flowering vegetation and herbs most birds prefer. Your regional garden centre will know which of these are ideal suited to your region.

Watering: I would suggest before starting your garden to put in underground irrigation. This can be a drip system which is not way too high priced and really time saving for you as you do not have to stand out there and drinking water. This will also help save you on your h2o monthly bill. You need to have to drinking water gradually and deep. You could also use soaker hoses over floor ahead of planting and plant near to the soaker hoses. I did not set up underground irrigation just before planting and karen millen dresses sale uk now regret it but hey I will get there. A very good idea also is harvesting rainwater. I'll get that Rain Barrel going some day but for the instant I operate out of the property with 5 Gallon Buckets and place them subsequent to the residence in which the rain falls weighty off the roof. There's nothing at all far better than a very good rain for your plants.

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Joint Ministerial Council and UKOT Environment Ministers Council
UK and UK Overseas Territory ministers met on 1-2 December in the annual Joint Ministerial Council. Paragraph 30 of their Joint Communique welcomes the creation of a Territories' Environment Ministers Council. UKOTCF is pleased to have helped the Government of Gibraltar to initiate this and will continue to help ministers build on this start.

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SGSSI added to Convention on Biological Diversity
South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands was added to UK’s ratification of the Convention on Biological Diversity on 27 March 2015. Read more
Anguilla's first Ramsar Site designation
At its meeting on 12th March 2015, Anguilla’s Executive Council decided to nominate Sombrero Island Nature Reserve Marine Park as Anguilla’s first Wetland of International Importance under the Ramsar Convention. Read more
Pitcairn Marine Reserve announced
As part of the UK Budget announcement on 18th March 2015, the long-called for Pitcairn marine protected area has been announced. Read more
Bermuda Ombudsman reports on legal status of Charters
The Bermuda Ombudsman has published a report which looks at the legal status of the Environment Charters Read more
Responses to EAC inquiry published
The Environmental Audit Committee has published the responses to its inquiry on sustainability in the UKOTs. Read more
Proceedings of 2015 Gibraltar Conference
The Proceedings of the 2015 Conference Sustaining Partnerships are now available for download from here. Also available from the same page are the conclusions and recommendations and other reports and videos.
"Birding in Paradise - Montserrat"
A new guide booklet on bird-watching and other heritage features in Montserrat.
Guide booklets on bird-watching in each main Turks and Caicos Islands
Guide booklets on bird-watching in each of the main Turks and Caicos Islands have been published by UKOTCF and the Turks & Caicos National Museum.
UKOTCF 2015 Annual Report
2014-2015 Annual Report is now available for download.
Virtual Tours of the Territories
Virtual Tours for the Cyprus Sovereign Base Areas and Ascension Island join British Virgin Islands, Pitcairn, Montserrat and TCI.
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Forum News 43 - Download
Sustaining Partnerships: a conference on conservation and sustainability in UK Overseas Territories, Crown Dependencies and other small island communities, Gibraltar, 11th to 15th July 2015
Workshop on EAC's report published
Full report of the discussions from the workshop held on EAC's is published. Read more
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