OTEP, the Overseas Territories Environment Programme, is a joint programme of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the Department for International Development to support the implementation of the Environment Charters and environmental management more generally in the UK Overseas Territories.

This programme is supported in several ways, including the provision of this web-site, by the UK Overseas Territories Conservation Forum.

Some of this work by UKOTCF was originally part-funded by DFID/FCO as well as by UKOTCF itself. This arrangement ended in early 2011 when UK Government discontinued funding of external dissemination work - even when this was very cost-effective because of the non-governmental contribution. This policy seems in complete conflict with the Government's declared wish for increased work in partnership with civil society. Despite this misguided and wasteful approach by UK Government, UKOTCF continues to try to find resources to maintain this service, but inevitably this will involve delays.
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