Birding in Turks and Caicos

"Birding in Paradise"
Guide booklets on bird-watching in the Turks and Caicos Islands have been published by UKOTCF and its partner, the Turks & Caicos National Museum, in June 2014.

Birding in the Turks and Caicos is covered in this "Birding in Paradise" series of booklets, one for each of the islands, and includes maps, photos, local features, illustrations etc - full details below.

Booklets may be purchased, either as printed versions sent by post, or as downloadable pdf versions, designed to suit tablets but readable on computers and any other device that can read pdf files. (A free pdf-reader application is available from Adobe Pricing is in GB pounds, but your credit card supplier will convert this to your local currency in your statement.
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The UK Overseas Territories Conservation Forum has been helping governmental and non-governmental conservation organisations in TCI for the last 17 years, and the book authors have been involved personally throughout this period. These booklets describe where to go birding in the Turks and Caicos and where view some of the other heritage features. Each book (of between 48 and 60 pages, with full colour maps and photos) contains:
  • Forewords by the TCI Director of Environment and Maritime Affairs (Kathleen McNary Wood) and the TCI Director of Culture (David Bowen).
  • Note about supporting conservation of the natural and cultural heritage.
  • Introduction about the purpose and nature of the booklet.
  • Practical information about getting there, facilities (in more detail for the family islands than for Provo, which has this information available in many other publications), other sources of information etc.
  • Heritage and wildlife tours around various parts of the island, in total covering most of the island. On most islands, this is a driving route (with some optional bits of walking) linked to the map (see right).
  • Maps of the island, showing recommended routes (see right) and main features.
  • Sections on visiting some special features of each island.
  • Fully illustrated section on the water-birds, land-birds, and sea-birds of each island are either integrated in the tour or included as separate sections.
  • A little section on simple geology, which helps understand the landscape.
  • A section on geography and history.
Also available in the Birding in Paradise series: "Birding in Monserrat"

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