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Henderson Island was declared a World Heritage Site in 1988, qualifying as the world's only raised atoll where the ecology is essentially intact. Studies demonstrated the feasibility of  rat eradication. A major fundraising programme, spearheaded by RSPB, enabled the rat eradication project to take place in July - November 2011. Successful rat eradication would protect the globally important seabird nesting, including the Henderson Petrel at its only known breeding site, as well as the endemic land birds and plants. Seven months after the 2011 eradication operation took place, a monitoring expedition confirmed that rats are unfortunately still present on Henderson Island, although at greatly reduced levels, so more work will be required. Initial monitoring has shown that many of Henderson's unique birds have reproduced in great numbers in the near-absence of rats, providing a strong indication of the benefits which could be achieved once a total eradication is effected. Click here for more information about the Henderson Island Restoration programme.


Henderson Island.

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