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Pitcairn was next inhabited by Fletcher Christian and his companions of "Mutiny on the Bountry" fame. The Bounty, under the command of Captain Bligh, was in Tahiti to collect breadfruits, and stayed there for several months. On the return voyage, Christian Fletcher led a mutiny, which resulted in Captain Bligh and 19 crew loyal to him being cast adrift in the launch. Against all odds, they made it to Timor, an epic journey of 47 days and 3600 miles. Christian Fletcher, some of the mutineers, along with some men and women from Tahiti, searched for a safe haven, and eventually found it in Pitcairn, where they landed in January 1790. Many Pitcairn Islanders are descendents of Fletcher Christian and the Mutineers.
Engraving of Fletcher Christian's son, Thursday October Christian, which can be seen in the Pitcairn Museum.
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