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Control of Feral livestock: Since the volcanic eruptions in the 1990s and the necessary abandoning of farms over much of the island, the number of loose goats and feral pigs in the Centre Hills increased dramatically. The devastating effects of feral livestock, especially pigs, include: predation on globally threatened species; destruction of native plants; dissemination of non-native, fast-spreading plant species such as guava; consumption of the native Heliconia caribaea, causing loss of Montserrat oriole nests and territories; negative impact on tourism; pollution of water courses and damage to infrastructures; prevention of forest regeneration; soil erosion. The Government of Montserrat, the Food and Environment Agency, UK, and the RSPB are working together to design and implement an action plan to address this problem, with funding in part from the Darwin Initiative.

Feral pig in the Centre Hills

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