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Ramsar sites: Some areas of Montserrat have been identified as potential Wetlands of International Importance under the Ramsar Convention. At the centre of the Ramsar philosophy is the “wise use” concept. It has at its heart the conservation and sustainable use of wetlands and their resources, for the benefit of all. More information is available on the Ramsar website. The areas of Montserrat identified include marine shallows and coasts in the NW of the island which contain a variety of wetland ecosystems, and are important for nesting turtles as well as seabirds, and the Centre Hills, which have cloud and rainforest and are important for endemic species such as the Montserrat oriole and mountain chicken, together with some ghauts. Piper's Pond, in the Little Bay area where the new capital is being developed, has been subject to infilling by soil erosion.  It is important historically and culturally, and is the last remaining mangrove area. For more detail about potential Ramsar wetlands in Montserrat download the UKOTCF review

Piper's Pond, a historically important wetland in the Little Bay development area, has been filled in by soil erosion.

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