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As part of the Darwin Initiative Project Integrating National Parks, Education and Community Development, nine vascular plant species were identified as BVI endemics, or near-endemics of limited distribution, and labelled as "Red List Candidates".  This term is used to indicate a potential level of threat of extinction in global terms which may lead to their inclusion in a future IUCN Global Plant Red List. This report can be downloaded here.  Since then, work has continued, led by RBG Kew. Threatened species in cultivation at RBG Kew include Cordia rupicola and Metastelma anagadense found on Anegada.  Other work by RBG Kews botanists includes evaluation of the status of Virgin Gorda's special plants.  Gorda Peak National Park is home to the islands's top five plants - Zanthoxylum tomasianum, Machaonia woodburyana, Calyptranthes thomasiana, Calyptranthes kiaerskovii and Croton fishlockii.

Some of the Red List plants: 1. Zanthoxylum punctatum subsp. thomasianum; 2. Malpighia woodburyana; 3. Metastelma anagadense; 4. Cordia rupicola; 5. Calyptranthes thomasiana; 6. Calyptranthes kiaerskovii; 7. Leptocereus quadricostatus; 8. Machaonia woodburyana

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