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JVDPS invasive Species project :The Indian Mongoose was originally introduced to the Caribbean to help control rats in the sugarcane fields. The Mongoose is a voracious predator that feeds on native birds, lizards, frogs, the harmless snakes found in BVI and sea turtle eggs. Additionally, the animal is a vector for diseases that can threaten human health. Alongside rats and feral cats, these predators pose a great threat to native wildlife. JVDPS maintains a voluntary trapping programme with island residents and has carried out and lead research in this area with the full permission and support of the Minister of Natural Resources. In a pilot 2011 programme, JVDPS looked at a possible eradication of the Mongoose on Little Jost Van Dyke. JVDPS also hosted, with UK’s Food and Environmental Research Agency (FERA), a regional workshop on invasive species, involving 9 Caribbean countries, in March 2011. Additionally JVDPS has hosted spay / neuter clinics for domestic cat owners.

Top left: Cat neutering clinic; Top right: measuring mongoose; Bottom left: trapped mongoose; Bottom right: goats on Jost Van Dyke

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