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Pirates certainly used the Virgin Islands as a place to hide and recuperate after their activities at sea. The large number of islands and inlets would have been perfect for avoiding detection. This can be seen by some of the place names in the British Virgin Islands, such as “Freebooters Point” on Anegada. Norman Island is supposed to be named after Captain Norman, a pirate who was eventually caught and hanged by the Spanish. Bellamy Cay, now more popularly known as "The Last Resort", is named after 'Black Sam Bellamy', a noted pirate who was also executed. Legends abound about the famous pirate Blackbeard, who was known by a number of names including Edward Teach, Tatch, and Thatch. There are two "Thatch" islands in the BVI and almost directly opposite Road Harbour is the island known as 'Dead Chest,' where Blackbeard allegedly marooned a number of his men giving the island its name. These men were supposed to have tried to swim to the adjacent Peter Island but drowned, hence the name 'Dead Man's Bay' on Peter Island.

Main picture: Norman Island. There is documented history of pirate booty being buried on Norman Island. Norman Island is also said to be the inspiration for Robert Louis Stevenson's novel Treasure Island.

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