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The South Atlantic Invasive Species Project, which ran 2006-2009, was managed by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB). The aim of the project was to increase the capacity of the five UK Overseas Territories in the South Atlantic, for addressing the impact of invasive species. On Ascension, a botanical survey carried out in 2008 provided a clearer image of the condition of the island’s flora, and highlighted the fact that some populations of Ascension’s endemic plants were critically endangered. Resources were invested into protecting the remaining native species. Measures included taking action to reduce grazing by sheep and rabbits and investing in equipment for clearing invasive plants. All known examples of the wild mango Schinus terebinthifolium and the bullgrass Juncus capillaceus were removed. Work was also carried out for controlling the Mexican thorn.

Sheep on steep rocky hillside with little vegetation.

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